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2008 WAMBO Boat Award Winners

2008 WAMBO Boat Award Winners
Mack–Craft Cup – Captains Choice
voted by entrant Captains
40 D II 33', 1969 Chris Craft
Joyce Tong, Wallaceburg, ON
Canadian Wildcat Cup – Peoples Choice
voted by public visitors
SEA BISCUIT 36', 1948 Hunter Sedan
John & Mary Roesgen, Corunna, ON
Crabby Joe Cup – Chairman’s Choice
chosen by WAMBO Chairman
LAST LADY, 53' 1955 restored Chris Craft
John & Marilyn Raymond, New Baltimore, Mi, USA
Superior Hudson Cup – Antiquity Award
Oldest Boat
OLD VIRGIN, 32' 1935 Richardson
Doug Gallerno, Wallaceburg, ON
Canada Cup – Canadian resident based entry
CANADA GOOSE 20', 1939 Peterborough SF
Alex & Pat Pawluchyk, Windsor, ON
Rosemarie Miller Cup – Restoration Excellence
HI JACK 17' 1950 Chris Craft Delux Runabout
Jack & Denise Warren, Blenheim, ON
Martin Insurance Cup – First time favorite
PUDGIE, 36' 1949 Essco Fawn II
Rob Bondy & Chris Norris, Winsor, ON
Martin Travel Cup – Longest distance traveled
VICTORY , 47' 1940 Matthews
Rick Blackwell & John Mantyk, Tilbury, ON
The Power Squadron Cup – CPS or USPS entrant
SEAQUEL, 36' 1967 Egg Harbor
Dick & Pat Jarmon, Harrison Twp, Mi, USA
Royal Bank RBC Cup – Recognition
of outboard powered craft
MAD HATTER, 16' 1954 Mc Bay
David & Mina Rigler, Romeo, Mi, USA
Chris Craft Cup – Best Chris Craft
NAUTICAL NEST II, 37', 1963 Chris Craft Continental
Richard & Paulette Louzon, Wallaceburg, ON
Special Visitor Award – Woodcrafting Technologies of Wallaceburg, Jerry Bernier
AERIELLE, 26', 1957 Chris Craft Clipper
Gary & Connie Sochacki, East China Twp, Mi, USA
Harold Martin Cup – Founders Award for special contributions to WAMBO
ROSE, 23', 1953 Chris Craft Runabout
Lance & Rose Miller, Wallaceburg, ON
Presidents Choice – recognition for contribution to WAMBO in general
JUST RELAXING, 31', 1956 Shepherd
Robin J Southgate, Wallaceburg, ON