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Product Retailers Registration

It is exciting that once again the Product Village is located in the Wallace Street parking lot. The Product Village welcomes Home and Party Retailers.

Wambo Management reserves the right to examine your display during the show. If for any display or items, within your display that do not conform to standards of the show. WAMBO Product Village goes on rain or shine. No refunds for inclement weather.

Payment is for the booth space only 10’x10’ or 10'x20'. We will not be supplying tables, so please be sure to supply for yourself.

Set up starts at 6:30 am in the Wallace Street Parking, Wallaceburg. There is no parking on-site for vehicles, so please try to unload you equipment etc, as quickly as possible.

Because of limited space registration will be based on first-come first-served-basis.

Mail-In Registration

Please print-out the form below.

Product Village Registration Form

Online Registration

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