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Welcome to WAMBO

Welcome to WAMBO 35!

Hi There .... We're back! Ready! ... and excited to bring our show to fruition once again after this nasty pandemic we've all dealt with ,and quite frankly .... never have to again!

This years dedicated Team of Wambo Directors/Managers/and Volunteers have stepped up to the plate once again, to bring the best we can offer under the past circumstances. Unfortunately, the South Side connecting walking bridge downtown will not be available due to some much needed work .... this will be shiny new, safe and ready for next year.

Our newly renovated People Movers will get you there as always along the route.

The Wambo Committee would like to thank The Municipality of Chatham Kent, our local businesses, and most of all, our visitors for the awesome support. Welcome back!!

Enjoy the show, you all deserve it!.


Bill Wolsing
Chairman WAMBO 35